Casual Cosplay: Ahiru/Princess Tutu


Ahiru (or Duck) is the main character in the anime Princess Tutu.  This anime really surprised me!  I was expecting a cute love story of a little duck who falls in love with a prince, gets magic powers, then the prince falls in love with her.  I was so, so wrong!  But not in a bad way.  While the major plot does follow this comfortable and familiar storyline, it also branches out far, far from this happy fairy tale ending we’ve come to expect.  This anime was so enjoyable, and the characters, and the romance, so perfect!

Anyway, I adore Ahiru as a character.  She does begin as a duck and transforms into a girl, and then when in trouble, she can transform again into the superhero Princess Tutu.  As a duck, Ahiru is cute; as a girl, she’s clumsy and not very skilled; as Tutu, she’s an amazing ballerina.  I love each and every side of this character!

Ahiru wears a uniform at the ballet school she attends.  I tried to mimic this with a gray skirt, white shirt, and gray cardigan.


For accessories, I wore a heart-shaped red locket, to symbolize Ahiru’s red pendent that allows her to transform.


And for a final touch, I wore a cute bracelet with a glass-blown Peep, since it sort of looks like a duck.


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Casual Cosplay: Chihiro and Haku


Spirited Away is one of my favorite movies of all time.  The themes of knowing a person, despite what appearance they have, is something that resonates with me.  As well as the idea of a person growing from tough situations.  It’s an amazing film.  Touching, emotional, humorous, and so, so sweet.

I had the idea for a Chihiro casual cosplay for the longest time.  The only problem I had was finding jersey knit fabric in that shade of pink (it’s sort of salmon or coral, I think).  When I finally did find something that would work, I crafted a maxi skirt.  I paired this skirt with a knit cardigan I bought.  This more-or-less suggests the idea of Chihiro without actually looking exactly like her.


For Haku, I started with a blue gauze skirt to resemble the bulky pants he wears.  Under a white shirt, I wore a purple tank top for the purple sash he had tied around his waist.


For both outfits, I accessorized with a beautiful bracelet I received from a friend.  It says, “Embrace the Journey.”  Fitting for these two characters.


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Casual Cosplay: Aviendha

Aviendha, of the Nine Valleys sept of the Taardad Aiel, is an amazing character in Robert Jordan’s (and Brandon Sanderson’s) The Wheel of Time series.  The Wheel of Time is my favorite book series.  There isn’t enough I can say to praise it, and its authors.

Aviendha starts out as a Maiden of the Spear, a woman warrior dedicated to protecting her sept and clan.  As the story progresses (SPOILER) she is forced to give up the spear and become a Wise One.  The Wise Ones are the women leaders of the community; they help the clan–and the whole Aiel race–to grow.

This cosplay outfit is Aveindha as a Wise One.  They wear bulky brown skirts and white blouses.

To give it some Aviendha flair, I wore a necklace that was reminiscent of a rose (she wears an ivory bracelet shaped like roses) and I had a snowflake bracelet (she wears a necklace of Kandori design called “snowflakes”).


And for just a bit extra Wheel of Time-ness, I added in turtle earrings to represent the amber turtle brooch angreal that Aviendha received from Elayne.


Though Wise Ones should not be killing, I still wore a black scarf for a shoufa, just in case.


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Casual Cosplay: Kyo Sohma

Kyo-kun is a character in the anime/manga Fruits Basket.  In this tale, an unlucky family is cursed by the spirits of the Chinese Zodiac (Juunishi), and they turn into their designated animal when hugged by a member of the opposite sex.  Kyo-kun is an outlier in the story–the cat.  Though not an official member of the twelve animals (according to legend, he was tricked by the rat), Kyo-kun is still cursed.  His curse is worse than the others.  If he doesn’t wear a special bracelet, his “true form” is revealed: the vengeful cat spirit.


Kyo is feisty, angry, emotional, and neglected.  He’s a very sad character with a lot of baggage.  Which is why I love him so much (though Yuki-kun is my favorite).

For the casual cosplay, I took a pair of my husband’s pants and combined them with a black shirt, and a green hoodie.


And I even had actual Kyo-kun cosplay beads that I got from my sister!


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Casual Cosplay: Vyse


I fell in love with the game “Skies of Arcadia Legends” when it was released on the GameCube.  It was one of the most in depth RPGs I’d played up to that point.  I adored the story lines, the graphics, the characters, the scope of the game play.  To this day, I still enjoy playing this game!

Vyse, himself, is a wonderful character.  He’s cute, charming, and with a strong moral compass.  Though he’s an air pirate, he’s also a member of the Blue Rogues–a group that only steals from the wealthy armada ships of the Valuan Empire.

Anyway, I really wanted to try my hand at a Vyse casual cosplay.  It’s a pretty simple outfit, and easy to tweak for work-appropriate attire.

I wore a black skirt instead of leggings. I also had a blue sweater with a thin, brown belt.  Vyse’s scarf is small, but I only had a long, fluffy red one to wear.  I think it still worked.

Lastly, I paired it with a purple whale bracelet.   Since (SPOILER!) the Purple Gigas turned out to be Rhaknam, the large arcwhale, it seemed to fit my theme!



I also wore a crystal necklace under my scarf because it reminded me of moon stones.

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Casual Cosplay: Victor Nikiforov

I’m back at it.  For this outfit, I was inspired by Victor in his early days.  This outfit–based on one Johnny Weir wore–is adorable!  My purpose, though, is to be fun, not flashy.  I had to tone this down.


I had a white shirt with a stain, so I crafted it with gel glue into a feather/diamond motif.

I paired the shirt with blue jeggings, and hipster type shoes I thought Victor would wear.

To complete the look, I added in a flower tiara.


And some cute bracelets to show off Victor’s love of the ice (snow), and his love for Katsuki Yuri (the piglet).


Put them all together and you’ve got a complete look!


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Casual Cosplay: Luna

Here’s another casual cosplay outfit I was really proud of.  In the Sailor Moon S movie, Usagi’s magical cat, Luna, transforms into a human.  And she’s stunningly beautiful!


My idea was to combined a yellow tank top–or spaghetti strap dress–with a black, flowy skirt.

I found a yellow tank top that suited my needs. To be appropriate for work, though, I paired it with a black shirt underneath.


It’s hard to tell, but I attempted to do four buns (meatballs) on my head.  Since my hair is short, they didn’t turn out well.

I also wore my cute mouse shoes.  It seemed appropriate, as I was cosplaying a cat.


Finally, I wore a golden moon necklace!


I wish my shirt was a bit brighter, but it’ll do!

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Casual Cosplay: Misaki Takahashi

I love dressing up.  Any kind of costume makes me incredibly happy.  That’s my favorite part of Halloween, or Spirit Week at work, or even Comicon.  That’s also why I’m really into casual cosplay.

Casual cosplay–or everyday cosplay–is a normal outfit that resembles a character, or just takes themes of a movie, show, or book, and encompasses them into an outfit.  It’s all personal interpretation.  And since I’m doing to make myself happy, it doesn’t matter if anyone else recognizes it!

First up is Misaki Takahashi.  He is the main character in Shungiku Nakamura’s manga/anime “Junjou Romantica.”

For my cosplay outfit, I combined a few of his looks into one.  First, I started with his pinned back hair.


He wears it like this in the first episode of the anime.  Since my hair is similarly short, I pinned mine back with bobby pins.

Next, I took an outfit from season three where he’s getting ready to practice for his job interview.  He wears a white button up shirt, a tie, and a blue cardigan.


I mimicked the white shirt and the cardigan.

Also, Misaki famously (or infamously) wore a pair of socks with stars on them.  I think they are adorable, but many within the fandom don’t agree.


I have similar socks, bought solely for this purpose.

Finally, I finished my look with a bunny necklace.  Misaki’s significant other is Akihiko Usami–with the nickname Usagi, which means bunny. (My necklace is actually a blown-glass Peep I bought at the Phoenix Comicon!)

These powers combine to form Misaki!




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Mori Girl Fashion

I’m no where near being a fashionista.  I like to look cute, but I never put much effort toward that goal.  My whole wardrobe is made of maxi skirts and solid colored shirts.  I very rarely stray from this look.

However, I’ve always been a fan of the boho look made popular by places like Free People.  Did I mention I also don’t like spending money on clothes?  While the outfits they have available online or in-stores are stunning, they can’t possibly be worth that price!

Just this past week, the mori girl fashion lifestyle came to my attention (through the geeky EPBOT blog).  I’d seen several mori girl pieces, but didn’t realize it was a movement.  Urban Dictionary states that a mori girl’s fashion style is “loose, light and airy, layered with warm, bulky sweaters and scarves and tough boots for navigating the wilderness. The style utilizes pale colors, like oatmeal, light pink, light greens and browns, as well as rich gem tones like sapphire and ruby. Crocheted and knitted items accessorize the look.”



Like this beautiful outfit from Sarah Clemens Clothing on Etsy


I must say, I absolutely love this look!  It fits my definition of style and comfort.

So, I’m going to make this my summer mission: complete a mori girl wardrobe.

This is incredibly daunting for me.  As I said, I have very little fashion sense.  I have no idea which colors/patterns/fabrics go well with each other.  I can see a look and admire it, but it’s hard for me to mimic that myself.

Still, I’m up for the challenge!  I’m ready to push myself and make my mind think about fashion in a new way.

For my first effort, I found the very first skirt I had made myself (probably seven years ago).  I paired it with a black maxi skirt, a bright red cami, a plain black shirt, and a knit cardigan.  Not the best example of the mori girl look, but at least it was something.


Another problem with this idea?  My body type.  It’s not made for layers and loose fitting garments.  But those can be gotten around by adding belts, or so I’ve read.  Or maybe try slightly tighter tops.  I don’t know.  I’ll find out.

My game plan is to do this simply and cheaply.  First thing is to check out thrift stores and see if I can acquire any skirts and shirts that way.  I also have plans to sew my own.  I purchased some knits and gauze fabrics from a fabric warehouse this past weekend.  I intend to turn them into… something.  My sewing has improved in the past seven years, but it’s still not something to brag about.

At least I’ve got something to go on.  We’ll see how this works out.

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