Casual Cosplay: Ahiru/Princess Tutu


Ahiru (or Duck) is the main character in the anime Princess Tutu.  This anime really surprised me!  I was expecting a cute love story of a little duck who falls in love with a prince, gets magic powers, then the prince falls in love with her.  I was so, so wrong!  But not in a bad way.  While the major plot does follow this comfortable and familiar storyline, it also branches out far, far from this happy fairy tale ending we’ve come to expect.  This anime was so enjoyable, and the characters, and the romance, so perfect!

Anyway, I adore Ahiru as a character.  She does begin as a duck and transforms into a girl, and then when in trouble, she can transform again into the superhero Princess Tutu.  As a duck, Ahiru is cute; as a girl, she’s clumsy and not very skilled; as Tutu, she’s an amazing ballerina.  I love each and every side of this character!

Ahiru wears a uniform at the ballet school she attends.  I tried to mimic this with a gray skirt, white shirt, and gray cardigan.


For accessories, I wore a heart-shaped red locket, to symbolize Ahiru’s red pendent that allows her to transform.


And for a final touch, I wore a cute bracelet with a glass-blown Peep, since it sort of looks like a duck.


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