Quick Review: Starting His Engine


Wanting something fun and flirty, I read W.S. Long’s NASCAR themed short story, Starting His Engine.  This was definitely what I was in the mood for!

Caleb Youngblood comes from a racing family, but he’s been kicked off the race team.  This argument with his father makes Caleb look closer at his life goals, and his budding relationship with steady boyfriend, Sebastian Rush.

After a few tense days, Caleb is able to finally get to the bottom of the family drama.  He discovers his father doesn’t want him racing because of his sexual orientation.  Dad thinks NASCAR isn’t ready for a gay racer yet.  Caleb also isn’t sure he’s ready to be out with the fans and racers alike.

This story was short, but so sweet!  Caleb had an interesting view on life, and I liked his thoughtful process for dealing with the pressures of his family, his fans, and his boyfriend.  Sebastian could have used a bit more definition in his personality, but when he and Caleb were together, the two were adorable.  I loved their interactions and their tender romance.  They are a super cute couple!

The plot was simple and straightforward, the family drama taking center stage.  But there was also the plot of a gay man racing in NASCAR.  I was surprised how much the subject caught my attention.  I’ve never watched a single NASCAR race, but I was very into the details of the sport that were added into the story.

With the sequel, Too Tough to Tame, being released April 8th, I’m really looking forward to where these characters wind up in the next chapter of their lives!


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