Casual Cosplay: Chihiro and Haku


Spirited Away is one of my favorite movies of all time.  The themes of knowing a person, despite what appearance they have, is something that resonates with me.  As well as the idea of a person growing from tough situations.  It’s an amazing film.  Touching, emotional, humorous, and so, so sweet.

I had the idea for a Chihiro casual cosplay for the longest time.  The only problem I had was finding jersey knit fabric in that shade of pink (it’s sort of salmon or coral, I think).  When I finally did find something that would work, I crafted a maxi skirt.  I paired this skirt with a knit cardigan I bought.  This more-or-less suggests the idea of Chihiro without actually looking exactly like her.


For Haku, I started with a blue gauze skirt to resemble the bulky pants he wears.  Under a white shirt, I wore a purple tank top for the purple sash he had tied around his waist.


For both outfits, I accessorized with a beautiful bracelet I received from a friend.  It says, “Embrace the Journey.”  Fitting for these two characters.


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