Quick Review: Healing Touch


Newly released on Friday, Missy Welsh’s sci-fi novel Healing Touch, was an incredible read!

When Captain Noah O’Keefe and his crew get lost in space, the ship is captured by an alien race–the snake-like Tevian.  Tortured for information about his Human weapons, Noah wishes he could just die and end it all.  That is, until Vivek Korraay, an Aguadite healer, tends Noah’s wounds and helps him escape. Before they get free from the cells, though, Noah convinces Vivek to rescue another inmate, the child-like Bendel.

From there, the three need to get off the planet and allow Vivek to pass on sensitive information that may help prevent more war in the universe.

The story is very immersive.  The two point-of-view characters–Noah and Vivek–are each clearly defined.  In Vivek’s POV, it’s easy to see his way of thinking is different.  His responses, actions, and dialogue all reflect his alien mindset.  This really drew me in as a reader, making the world and races realistic and enticing.  And Noah, who is thrust into the middle of this situation, tries to act brave and strong, but we see how he struggles internally.

The relationship between the two is also endearing. Though Noah initially relies on Vivek to help him escape, the two quickly move past captor and savior and onto equal footing. They are a well suited match, despite the difference in their races. Each gives and receives in equal measure, which was a refreshing quality to have in the novel.

The quick pace of the story never let up.  It had me reading eagerly, moving through the novel as fast as possible.  The characters, worlds, and the alien races were all so interesting.  I can’t wait for the next book in the series!


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