Quick Review: Alcatraz vs the Scrivener’s Bones

Continuing on the Alcatraz series, we have Alcatraz vs the Scrivener’s Bones.


While the first story in the series was fun, lighthearted, hilarious, it was not too deep on plot.  The infiltration of the library–and Alcatraz learning about his lineage–took up most of the narrative.  That’s not a bad thing at all.  In fact, for the introductory book, it was perfect.  Giving some details but only hinting at others.

The second is when things get a bit more complex.  More of the Smedry family comes into play, and with them, the sudden quest to find Alcatraz’s lost father.

The humor is still there, possibly even better than the first novel.  But the added depth of character–of Alcatraz, Bastille, and the Smedry family–really make this book engaging.  The hidden plot lines, the intrigue of the Talents and their role in the world make the reader crave the next book.

One of the best parts, though also very tragic, is when Alcatraz does succeed in finding his father.  The abandoned child is finally reunited with his dad.  To see Attica hardly glance at Alcatraz is heartbreaking.  While so, so sad, I love the theme that sometimes families are fucked up.  That disappointment is part of real life.  It added a dash of reality to the crazy hi-jinks.

Sanderson is such an amazing author.  His writing abilities are so diverse, giving this childish and silly account of the world in one novel and the rich, details of dozens of societies in the Stormlight Archive.  Even building on Robert Jordan’s established world almost flawlessly.  I have yet to find a Sanderson book I haven’t enjoyed.  Though this series about Alcatraz and his Talent may be my favorite of the bunch (it’s a close call between this and Legion).  It’s so underrated and definitely needs to be given a chance by his devoted fans and fantasy readers alike.

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