Quick Review: Fallow


Where to start when talking about Jordan L. Hawk?  I adore everything about her novels, from her ability to tell a character’s point of view so well, to her development of such sensational settings.  She is a master storyteller.

Fallow is the latest novel in the Whyborne and Griffin series.  In it, our heroes realize that something sinister may be occurring in Griffin’s hometown of Fallow.  Despite being kicked out of the town in disgrace, he still has a desire to save it and its citizens—more specifically, his mother—from the dangers that threaten.  With the help of Christine and Iskandar, the four set off for Fallow.  Once there, they quickly discover that there is a plot, and that the perpetrators aim to spread their corruption all the way to Widdershins!

Honestly, this story was too short!  I want to spend more time with these characters, and while the story and plot were wrapped up by the end, I still hungered for it to keep going.  Hawk does an amazing job of speaking through a character’s voice.  The point of view switches between Whyborne and Griffin, all in first person.  This can be tricky to do correctly, but Hawk pulls it off flawlessly.  You can always tell which character’s point of view we’re in because of how different these two men see the world and each other.

It was also nice to see more of Griffin’s background.  So much of who he is was shaped by his time in Fallow, and by the people there.  For a brief moment, it even seems he might reconcile with his family.   But in the end, he sees that Whyborne, Christine, and Iskandar are the family he’s chosen, and that is able to heal a bit of the hurt inside him.

I’m already looking forward to the next in the series because I never want to be away from these characters for too long.


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