Quick Review: Blow Down


Blow Down, by J.L. Merrow, is the fourth book in the Plumber’s Mate series.

In this installment, plumber Tom Pilanski and his fiance, private investigator Phil Morrison, are still dealing with the idea of their wedding.  But before that even happens, shouldn’t they move in together?  Tom seems to be dragging his feet on both subjects.

On top of that, Tom’s supernatural ability to find hidden things is getting noticed by the community.  Now he’s getting calls to come use his “psychic” powers for clients.

During a church event, Tom gets stuck doing a demonstration of water dowsing—the only way he can seem to explain his gift to other people.  During the demo, he discovers a dead body.  Once again, Tom’s in the spotlight and the murderer may have Tom on their list next.

I love these two very much.  As the series has progressed, their relationship has evolved.  In this installment, Tom’s apparent cold feet gives a stumbling block to the couple.  But, working it out is what these guys do.  And they do it so well.

Since their relationship is on pretty solid ground, the boys act a lot more lovey-dovey in this story.  Merrow does a fantastic job with that.  Tom and Phil are cute and sweet and all-around  perfect.  I immensely enjoyed their interaction in that regard.

Other plots, which encompasses most of the novel, are still intriguing.  The murder, of course, takes center stage, but there’s also Tom’s dealings with his biological father, dealing with Phil’s family, and Tom coming to terms with his ability being common knowledge.

Like the rest in this series, Tom steals the show.  He is funny and lighthearted, despite all the bad that seems to happen around him.  Merrow’s prose is quick and entertaining.  It’s a great read all around!


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