Mori Girl Fashion

I’m no where near being a fashionista.  I like to look cute, but I never put much effort toward that goal.  My whole wardrobe is made of maxi skirts and solid colored shirts.  I very rarely stray from this look.

However, I’ve always been a fan of the boho look made popular by places like Free People.  Did I mention I also don’t like spending money on clothes?  While the outfits they have available online or in-stores are stunning, they can’t possibly be worth that price!

Just this past week, the mori girl fashion lifestyle came to my attention (through the geeky EPBOT blog).  I’d seen several mori girl pieces, but didn’t realize it was a movement.  Urban Dictionary states that a mori girl’s fashion style is “loose, light and airy, layered with warm, bulky sweaters and scarves and tough boots for navigating the wilderness. The style utilizes pale colors, like oatmeal, light pink, light greens and browns, as well as rich gem tones like sapphire and ruby. Crocheted and knitted items accessorize the look.”



Like this beautiful outfit from Sarah Clemens Clothing on Etsy


I must say, I absolutely love this look!  It fits my definition of style and comfort.

So, I’m going to make this my summer mission: complete a mori girl wardrobe.

This is incredibly daunting for me.  As I said, I have very little fashion sense.  I have no idea which colors/patterns/fabrics go well with each other.  I can see a look and admire it, but it’s hard for me to mimic that myself.

Still, I’m up for the challenge!  I’m ready to push myself and make my mind think about fashion in a new way.

For my first effort, I found the very first skirt I had made myself (probably seven years ago).  I paired it with a black maxi skirt, a bright red cami, a plain black shirt, and a knit cardigan.  Not the best example of the mori girl look, but at least it was something.


Another problem with this idea?  My body type.  It’s not made for layers and loose fitting garments.  But those can be gotten around by adding belts, or so I’ve read.  Or maybe try slightly tighter tops.  I don’t know.  I’ll find out.

My game plan is to do this simply and cheaply.  First thing is to check out thrift stores and see if I can acquire any skirts and shirts that way.  I also have plans to sew my own.  I purchased some knits and gauze fabrics from a fabric warehouse this past weekend.  I intend to turn them into… something.  My sewing has improved in the past seven years, but it’s still not something to brag about.

At least I’ve got something to go on.  We’ll see how this works out.

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